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UI/UX Designer and WordPress Developer in Lagos, Nigeria

I’m a UX/UI designer and creative WordPress Developer with a passion for solving problems through simple & interactive designs.

My interest in computers grew during my early age, playing desktop games and other game console and now to the recently advanced use of mobile phones to using my phone to order for food, ride at my convenience. The fast-rising technology and computer activities has improved dramatically easing the way we live and work, changing industries and changing jobs constantly. As these innovations grow, there was also an increase in the number of mobile applications and websites. As a user, using some of these products or services can be very challenging. This fuelled my interest in understanding how humans think when they interact with products, websites and applications. 

I studied Computer science during my undergraduate degree where I was taught the fundamentals of Programming and Algorithms, Software Engineering and Introduction to Computer Graphics Interface. Even though I studied Computer Science, I have always been interested in the front-end part of a product, website and applications. This further fuelled my Interest in taking online UI/UX courses and also attending UI/UX conferences. After my trainings and skills acquired, I worked at a start-up to help small and mid-scale enterprises design and develop user interface for websites, web applications, and also mobile applications. This experience has gained me practical knowledge into user centred design, human management skill, inclusivity in design and my fluency with UI/UX tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, WordPress, Miro, Google Analytics, HTML and CSS. I have helped various business owners in different sector build a result-oriented user interface for their websites and mobile applications, which has yielded the company a good turn-over. 

I am hard-working and full of curiosity about life generally. I thrive on the challenge of puzzles and problems and often find creative and original ways to deal with them as they arise. At the same time, I am always ready to learn and never frightened to ask questions.

Tools and Equipment

Here some of the tools i use to create

figma 1
wordpress 2
html 5
css 3
visual studio
VS Code
google 1
Notion app logo
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